Glass Reinforced Plastic

Glass Reinforced Plastic – GRP – is the generic description given to a composite product created by combining a liquid, thermosetting resin solution with fibreglass reinforcement.

Individually the component parts have limited use – but when combined they form an extremely strong and durable material which, being liquid in application, can be formed to all manner of profiles.

GRP has been used in a wide range of applications and because it offers an impermeable barrier to liquids, is often used where liquid containment is needed as a means of waterproofing and surface protection – water features, wet rooms, tanks, bunds and sumps, to name but a few.

Most alternative methods used to waterproof areas are technically flawed in some way or another, whereas installation of a GRP or Fibreglass lining provides a monolithic (seamless) membrane that is also extremely strong.

In the industrial arena GRP is widely used to provide seamless corrosion protection to linings in the most aggressive environments.  Using specialised reinforcements and resin types, it is possible to protect all manner of surfaces against a wide range of chemicals.

A correctly specified glass fibre lining accurately installed can offer an indefinite life expectancy. On a cost versus life basis this is an extremely affordable option

Glass Reinforced Plastic
  • liquid application
  • easily formed
  • impermeable barrier
  • liquid containment
  • surface protection
  • seamless & strong
  • long life expectancy
  • domestic & industrial

Used In
  • water features
  • wet rooms
  • water tanks
  • bunds & sumps
  • swimming pools
  • pipe refurbishment
  • protection against chemicals