Aqua-lid is a range of bespoke GRP lids or covers which are manufactured in-house.

Legislation within the water industry, specifically Bye-law 30, dictates that each water tank (sometimes referred to as a cistern) should have a close fitting pre-insulated, non-corrodable cover that has a screened vent to prevent contamination of the water within.

Some 15 years ago we identified that use of GRP in this application would provide the ideal solution. It has a tremendous strength versus weight ratio and it can be processed into almost any shape due to its conformability.

Aqua-lid can be produced with a reverse lip, known as a ‘biscuit tin lid’ or more conventionally as a flat composite ‘sandwich’, encapsulating an insulation board to satisfy the remit of Bye-law 30.

The overwhelming benefit of Aqua-lid is the ability to be supplied in sections of a size suitable for access to the tank. These are lightweight, once in-situ they simply bolt together using a substantial foam gasket between the sections.

Aqua-lid Features
  • bespoke insulated GRP tank cover
  • sectional for easy handling
  • access hatchway & screened vent
  • all sealing strips & bolts supplied

Aqua-lid Benefits
  • compliance with Bye-law 30
  • high strength vs weight ratio
  • prevent contamination of water within
  • completes a water tank refurbishment